Covid-19: How it has changed the way that we work

By the Big Red Marketing Team

The past few months have been difficult for everybody, in-particular for the key workers, whom we are all so grateful for and proud of. It goes without saying that the NHS have been at the forefront of the nation’s fight against Covid-19. We think that, as we slowly edge back into normality, it is so important for us to do everything that we can to respect the efforts of the NHS so far, so we don’t take them back to where we were in March and April.

At Big Red, we have made some simple but, hopefully, important changes to our sites to ensure that our employees are kept as safe as possible. First of all, and probably most obviously, there is now hand sanitising stations placed on sites. We all know the importance of keeping our hands clean at the minute, we are doing all that we can, with these stations, to try to remind staff that this is still key, even during their busy day.

The second change that we have made is trying to have as many visual reminders on site as we can. We want our staff to feel comfortable and safe but, stay alert to the risks and act accordingly. These include custom, hi-vis jackets with a 2m distance reminder, a signboard with Covid-19 information and signs placed around site to remind everyone to keep their hands clean and keep their distance wherever possible.

The third change is that our construction workers now need to stagger their lunchtimes to ensure that they can safely keep their distance while they’re having lunch or on a break. We have mapped out spaces in their break room to ensure that they are sat at least 2m apart.

The most important thing to us has always been the safety and security of our staff. This has always been the case and we see Covid-19 as just another potential hazard that we need to do our best to keep our people safe from. We will be constantly reviewing findings on this virus and adapt these measures accordingly.

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