Major development projects


Founded by Managing Director, Mike Lomas, in 2016; Big Red is very much the “new kid on the block”. However, the team that makes up Big Red is quite the opposite. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, the team has been able to seamlessly coordinate major development projects since its inception. We are proud to have been the principal contractor on a large number of major development projects in Yorkshire and all over the North of the country.

Along with their knowledge and experience, our industry experts brought their contacts and long-standing relationships in the industry. With these relationships, Big Red has a network of partners and a supply chain that any construction company, old or new, would be proud of. When you add these components to our excellent team, it allows us to provide unrivalled value to our customers.

Related projects

Big Red was pleased to be appointed as principal contractor for the project on Dundas Street Huddersfield, Dundas Works.