Work Safely

Always put the people first and ensure that nothing we do is at the detriment of our people’s health and safety or the environment they are in.


Always striving to deliver the highest quality solution and end product for our customers.


Challenge the status quo of the industry and dare to be different. At Big Red we are positive that no problem is without a solution.


Our work ethics and standards lead the way and drive down our costs to bring profit to the bottom line for both us and our customers.


The Big Red team always work together, along with all our project stakeholders (sub-contractors, delivery team, design team and client), with honesty and integrity to maintain a healthy working relationship and achieve the best results for all parties.

OUR Mission

Be Big

Big Red has been built from the ground up and what started as a basic bar fit out business has developed in to a major construction company across multiple sectors. The journey is still in it’s infancy and we all believe the sky is the limit for us as a company. With the right strategy, people, and mind set we can achieve anything.

Be Different

We have always prided ourselves on bringing a different ‘world class manufacturing’ based approach to construction and we intend to continue with this by engraining the principles from WCM in to Big Red’s standardised ways of working.

Be The best

At Big Red we want to provide the highest quality solutions and not purely base our strategy on price. We want to be the best in all areas of construction and breed a culture where excellence is our only accepted standard.

Deliver Excellence

It's In Our Team

At every level of Big Red, we have industry leaders and the best in the business. Every member of the team plays a vital role in our ability to delivery a service and end result that is second-to-none.


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    BE BIG